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Soft adventure. The sort of  travel experience that goes beyond the usual. Rewarding for the spirit and the intellect, but safe and without excessive physical demands. I organized and escorted a number of traditional tours throughout Europe, but later my interest widened to include soft adventure. Please see my home page and travel page for comment on my background and soft adventure.
Here is a sampling of tours that I put together and escorted. In 2008, when my writing, chiefly screenplays, made greater demands on my time, I gave up organizing tours. This page will be left up for now.

Southeast Asia World Heritage Sites

While enjoying the magnificent natural and cultural attractions of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, this tour focused on World Heritage Sites in the four countries. The tour description will be left here for reference.

The Amazon
A few years ago, we had a wonderful trip to the middle Amazon. My group of fourteen filled the small riverboat. Read about that trip in my travel article.

Tanzania Safari
I took a group to Tanzania for a memorable wildlife safari. We visited Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and Cheetah in Serengetiother sites in northern Tanzania. We saw over a hundred species of birds, hundreds of thousands of animals, and flew over the Serengeti in a hot air balloon. We saw the   "big five" and a rare incident: a face-down between a single rhino and a single elephant. I have written an article that describes the safari. Here also is a personal journal of the safari written by a member of the group.
The Galápagos and Machu Picchu
This tour to Ecuador and Peru included a comprehensive visit to the Galápagos, including the services of licensed naturalists, with accommodation aboard a small yacht. The highpoint of the Peru visit was Machu Picchu and the Cuzco region.  I have written a freelance travel article about the experience.
Impala in TarangireThis safari was memorable for the variety and numbers of animals we saw. The parks of northern Tanzania were as impressive as ever, and the skies were riots of color.  A description of the safari is posted here for reference.
Bike and Boat in Holland
This challenging and thoroughly enjoyable tour included bicycling in the flat countryside and traditional villages north of Amsterdam at the peak season for tulips and other flowers. Our accommodations were aboard a canal barge which moved each day to our next destination. See my freelance travel article for my account of the trip.
Turkey and the Turquoise Coast
On this delightful tour, we visited cultural and historical sites in Turkey, from Istanbul and Cappadoccia to Antalya and Ephesus, in a small group of twelve. We sailed the Turquoise Coast in a traditional gulet in waters so stunning they had to invent a word to describe them. See my travel article on the tour.
On this memorable tour, we saw the best of China. The 24-day itinerary included visits to Lhasa and other sites in Tibet, Beijing, Xi'an and the terra-cotta army, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu and the Panda sanctuary, Chongqing, a Yangtze cruise, 
Guilin, and a Li River cruise, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and more.The tour description will be left up for a while for reference purposes.
Costa Rica/Belize/Tikal
This 19-day tour in January/February included the best of Central America. We focused on the natural environment of Costa Rica and Belize, including flora and fauna, especially birds, and Mayan sites in Belize and Tikal. See my travel article. The tour description will be left up for a while for reference.
Japan in Autumn
Autumn leafThis tour in autumn focused on the countryside, villages, and small towns of Japan. We looked deeply into the culture and soul of Japan by visits to temples, shrines, castles, and gardens. We walked along historic paths and through deciduous forests showing glorious autumn foliage. Accommodation was a mix of traditional Japanese inns and western hotels. We visited beauty spots that Japanese people try to see at least once in their lifetime. We stayed in the Kyoto vicinity five nights. See the tour description and my article that tells about the trip.
Windjamming in the Caribbean
Windjamming sunsetWe have sailed  the Caribbean in the three-masted Mandalay on Windjammer Barefoot Cruises' best itinerary in January, the best season. From Antigua to Grenada, we visited islands with British, French and Dutch cultural roots, swam and snorkeled, and kicked back on warm beaches and aboard the ship, sipping rum swizzles. The tour description will be left up for a while for reference.
Australia and New Zealand
This November tour visited the best of New Zealand and eastern and outback Australia. We sampled the culture and history of both countries, with close looks at the natural environment of each.  Here's the tour description.


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